Is my English good enough?

Since some months I think about an exchange year in Australia...But I don't know if my English is good enough. So I'm going on to write this whole text in English (:

I speak English very well but I want to make it better. In my opinion an exchange is the best task to do this. But where shall I go to? I like Australia very much because it's the so called 'Sunshine State' and I love sunny day's! I've allready red a lot about this country and I talked to a girl which was there for one year. She said this year was the best year of her life and she will go there, soon. She miss Australia and the people there. And I have to say, I agree with her...I can imagin how wonderful it is to stay at a host family and go to another school, find new friends and learn the language fast. But I'm a bit scared, too. What will happen when I don't like my host family or don't get on with my new classmates? When they bully me because there I'm the forreigner...Ooh I don't know. It's a difficult dissicion...

I'm going on to write to you when I know what to do (:

27.6.10 00:20


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(27.6.10 02:16)
you "speek" (the right spelling is SPEAK, dumbass) English very well? You wish. Your grammar is horrible, your writing sucks. Go back to school and do your homework instead of dreaming about shit you can never achieve.

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